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RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication, Rich Site Summary, RDF Site Summary, or a variation on one of these. RSS is a text-based format, a type of XML (Extensible Markup Language). RSS files are often labeled as XML. "RSS version 1.0 is also RDF (whatever), which, again, is important only because an RSS file may be labeled as RDF. RSS files (which are also called RSS feeds or channels) simply contain a list of items. Usually, each item contains a title, summary, and a link to a URL (e.g. a web page). Other information, such as the date, creator’s name, etc., may also be available. The most common use for RSS files is for news and other reverse-chronologically ordered web sites like blogs. For example, this particular page on Fagan Finder has a changes log, which is also available in RSS format. An item’s description may contain all of a news article, blog post, etc., or just an extract or summary. The item’s link will usually point to the full content (although it may also point to what the content itself links to)."

What can I do with an RSS Feed?

RSS Feeds are primarily used to display the latest news about a particular subject. If you view an RSS Feed using most browsers you will only see the XML code. Microsoft Internet Explorer does not support RSS feeds. The Mozilla Firefox browser can be used to read an RSS feed. Mozilla Thunderbird is an Email client that includes RSS support. Microsoft Outlook also supports RSS. There are a number of RSS aggregators, programs written specifically to receive RSS information. Many of these aggregators are available for free to download.

What RSS feeds are available at The Atlantic City Library?

  • Upcoming Events at the Library?
  • What items do I current have checked out?
  • What items do I currently have on hold for me at the Library?

How do I create an entry for these Library feeds?

Mozilla Firebird instructions:

  • Select "Manage Bookmarks" in the Menu Bar
  • Click on the "File" menu bar option at the top left hand side of the screen
  • Click on "New Live Bookmark..."
  • Enter a Name for your Feed. e.g. "Upcoming Library Events"
  • Enter the "Feed Location". This is a specific URL that points to the Server that will push the RSS information to your browser or aggregator.If you are using an aggregator just create a new feed and enter the feel location information listed below.

Library news feed:

Library upcoming events feed: