Explore controversial issues with Gale Opposing Viewpoints

Gale Opposing Viewpoints is a great resource for finding out about all sides of an issue, and current “hot topics.” For example, now that President Obama has announced his support for same-sex marriage, and this may become an issue in the 2012 Presidential campaign. To find out about same-sex marriage and other timely topics, try out one of Atlantic City Free Public Library’s Premium eResources, Gale Opposing Viewpoints.
Opposing Viewpoints covers thousands of pro and con articles including primary documents, journal and newspaper articles, statistical tables, charts, graphs, podcasts, web sites and images.

Finding your topic is easy:  just start typing your keyword in the search box in the upper right, in this case same-sex marriage.  This takes you to a portal page, which provides all of the information you need on your topic.
Learn both sides to the story by searching your current topics in ACFPL’s premium e-resource, Opposing Viewpoints. For more information on how to use the Opposing Viewpoints, or other Premium eResources, stop and see one of the friendly librarians at the Main Library Help Desk.